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Since its founding in 1959, NYCHORAL (New York Choral Society) has been acclaimed for both the quality of its performance and the breadth of its repertoire.  Below is a representative sampling of press reviews:

  • "MacMillan’s St. Luke Passion received a strong local premiere Saturday night at St. Bartholomew’s Church, in an energetic performance by the New York Choral Society and Orchestra, the Brooklyn Youth Chorus, and organist Jason Roberts under the direction of David Hayes."
    New York Classical Review (April 2017 performance of James MacMillan’s St. Luke Passion, in its NYC premiere)
  • NYCHORAL’s April 2017 New York premiere of James MacMillan’s St. Luke Passion, conducted by David Hayes, was also selected by James R. Oestriech for inclusion in The New York Times feature, “This Week’s 8 Best Classical Music Moments, April 14, 2017.”  [As described by The New York Times, in this weekly feature...“our critics and reporters collect the best of what they’ve heard: notes that sent shivers down their spines, memorable voices…”]
  • "Compelling Fluidity in Two Sacred Works: ...The New York Choral Society’s Carnegie Hall performance stood out in programming and artistry. The hundred-plus-member chorus offered skillfully balanced interpretations of a twentieth-century requiem with an eighteenth-century mass."
    Seen and Heard International (February 2017 performance of Haydn “Lord Nelson” Mass and Durufle Requiem)
  • "[NYCHORAL’s performance of the Beethoven Mass in C] was fine and impressive in every way...To the sound and color of the [concert’s] first half, the chorus added elegant polish with a blend of voices that was smooth and shining…The performance started well and kept getting better and better. The rise and shape of the Agnus Dei had the weight of the profound magnificence the music expresses."
     New York Classical Review (February 2016 performance of Beethoven’s Mass in C)
  • [NYCHORAL Chamber Chorus, prepared by David Hayes and Michael Ciavaglia, partnered with NYU Steinhardt and CHEAP Kollektiv in this exciting project in December 2015:]   “At New York University’s Steinhardt School of Culture, 80WSE Gallery and the CHEAP Kollektiv of Berlin staged a revamped version of Mozart’s “The Magic Flute,” minus Mozart but packed with magic. With a libretto by Vaginal Davis, direction by Susanne Sachsse, music by Jamie Stewart of Xiu Xiu, and design by students led by Jonathan Berger and Jesse Bransford, this was theater for mind and senses. A film of the piece by Michel Auder will play this summer at 80WSE Gallery (June 8-Aug. 13, 2016), now confirmed as one of the city’s most inventive alternative spaces. Remember those dates.”
    The New York Times, “The Best in Art of 2015: Holland Cotter’s Top 10”
  • “Conductor and Music Director of the New York Choral Society, David Hayes, proved himself yet again with this work, delicately guiding orchestra and chorus through the intricate baroque harmonies before rousing all parties into musical ecstasies…this reporter thrilled to hear the deeper voices on display:  from the glorious cello counterpoint…to the potent men’s chorus. The women’s chorus was especially lovely in the pianissimo sections…Fortunately for a Sunday in Carnegie Hall, the New York Choral Society not only graced our city with something beautiful, but with something truly great."
      The NY Jewish Week (January 2015 performance of Felix Mendelssohn’s St. Paul)
  • “A magnificent performance…From beginning to end, chorus and orchestra alike presented the music they clearly loved with unflagging energy and endlessly renewed, fresh passion…Under Hayes’ direction, the chorus as a whole, and in all its sections and parts, was clean in attacks, entrances, and cut-offs.  Complex fugues were rhythmically and harmonically clear…The New York Choral Society chorus has a large and subtle range from pianissimo to fortissimo, well suited for the demands of Mendelssohn’s the hours and days following, the memory of the performance, centering on the full-hearted passion and unerring musical integrity of all the musicians, remained strong.” (January 2015 performance of Felix Mendelssohn’s St. Paul)
  • "The New York Choral Society added dramatically nuanced singing in a number of scenes, including Angela Meade’s magisterial rendition of Tu al cui sguardo onnipossente, from Verdi’s Due Foscari.” 
    — The New York Times 
    (Richard Tucker Music Foundation Gala)
  • "It was an evening of magnificent beauty and joyful affirmation...This performance by the New York Choral Society was splendid."
    —  (April 2014 performance of Higdon's The Singing Rooms, in its NYC premiere, and Holst's Hymn of Jesus)
  • “…under Ms. Queler the sweep, color and character of the opera came through vividly…the singing of the New York Choral Society [was] admirable…”
    The New York Times (for January 2012 performance of Wagner’s Rienzi with the Opera Orchestra of New York)
  • “The New York Choral Society was in fine form in that excerpt and throughout the evening.”
    — The New York Times (Richard Tucker Music Foundation Gala)
  • “Asher Fisch led members of the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra and the New York Choral Society in rousing performances...”
    The New York Times (Richard Tucker Music Foundation Gala)
  • “The New York Choral Society was excellent: they were best in their unaccompanied singing.”
    The New York Sun (for performance of L’Arlesiana with the Opera Orchestra of New York)
  • “The New York Choral Society [sang] winningly.”
    The New York Times (for performance of Lakmé with the Opera Orchestra of New York)
  • “For nearly half a century, the New York Choral Society has been one of the city's cultural gems.”
    New York Post
  • A Chorus as It Was Meant to Be: “The New York Choral Society gave a splendid Salute to American Music at Carnegie Hall...successful in every way. The amateur, but only in the sense that singing is not their livelihood. It easily could be.”
    The New York Daily News