The next opportunity to audition to sing with NYCHORAL (all voice parts), will be in late August 2018. To request an audition, please contact us in early August at (include your voice part and a brief description of your musical background). Thanks for your interest in singing with us! 

Join a unique and diverse community of people who have come together to share their passion for music. Join NYCHORAL!

The 175-voice NYCHORAL (New York Choral Society), led by music director David Hayes, has been widely recognized for its outstanding performances at prestigious venues around the world for over 50 years. We are looking for experienced choral singers with good reading ability, musical skills and the desire to be moved, inspired and challenged!    

[Photo: Celebrating at the Annual Spring Gala. Photo by Juey Ong.]

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who are NYCHORAL members?

Our members come from a wide range of backgrounds, interests, and age groups, but all share a passion for choral music. All members sing with NYCHORAL on a volunteer basis and are not paid, but many have studied musical performance or music education. As NYCHORAL members, we enjoy improving our musical skills with Maestro Hayes, whose rehearsals are a good combination of hard work and fun. We also enjoy the many friendships with fellow members, and getting together outside rehearsals. Performing at wonderful venues like Carnegie Hall, with full orchestra and soloists, is a thrill!  

A fun way to learn more about us before your audition is to attend NYCHORAL Sings in August. Sings are conducted by music director David Hayes or associate conductor Michael Ciavaglia and are attended by the public and many current NYCHORAL members; there's time to sing a popular masterwork and socialize (drinks/snacks included in cost of admission).

What kind of voice skills do I need to consider joining NYCHORAL?

Although you are not required to have had formal voice lessons, all members are expected to be able to sing on pitch, in accurate rhythm, and to have good sight-reading ability. You should have previous choral experience in large or small groups.

When are auditions scheduled?

Most NYCHORAL auditions are held in late August and our season begins in early September. Please contact us at to ask about auditions (include your voice part and musical background). Mid-season auditions are sometimes held (primarily for men's voices).

How should I prepare for an NYCHORAL audition?

The audition typically consists of singing a prepared piece (less than 3 minutes; please bring music in a binder for our accompanist), a pitch-matching or rhythm exercise, and sight-reading your part in a four-part piece (accompanist plays the other three parts). The music (any genre) should be something you feel shows off your voice.

NYCHORAL members may also audition (at a later date) for the NYCHORAL Chamber Ensemble, a subset of the larger chorus with its own rehearsal and performance schedule.

What kind of choral works can I expect to sing?

NYCHORAL is committed to presenting a diverse repertoire, including well-known choral masterworks, great compositions that are rarely heard in concert halls, and newer, culturally significant choral works along with prestigious guest appearances.   Each season our members and audiences can expect an exciting repertoire that is the hallmark of NYCHORAL.

You can learn more about our current season here.

When are rehearsals?

We rehearse Tuesday evenings, 7-10pm, on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, and occasionally on Saturdays or midweek. Our typical season is from early September to April/May.

Our members are re-auditioned and evaluated at regular intervals, or at the request of the music director.

A special note to former members:

We encourage former members to return to NYCHORAL -- we’ll be glad to see you!  ​But first you need to audition, ideally during our regular annual auditions in late August.  Please email us at to schedule an audition (please include your voice part and when you sang with us; there’s no need to contact music staff or a chorus manager directly).

What if I need more information?

Email us at with any questions you might have.  You can learn more about NYCHORAL membership here.

Thank you for your interest in NYCHORAL.  We hope you'll join us!