Board & Staff

The Board of Trustees of NYChoral (New York Choral Society) is responsible for governance, finance, and fundraising and meets four times a year.

The Board of Managers is responsible for all operating responsibilities and meets monthly. All managers are singing members of the NYChoral and volunteer their time and services.

Trustees and managers are elected by the members of the NYChoral at its annual meeting.

Patrick Owens, Executive Director

David Hayes, Music Director

Michael A. Ciavaglia, Associate Conductor; David Ralph, Accompanist

John Daly Goodwin, Music Director Emeritus

Robert De Cormier, Music Director Emeritus  


Board of Trustees

Michael F. Colosi, Esq., Chairman
Lindsay WilczynskiPresident
Joanne W. Lawson, Executive Vice President
Carl M. EllisonTreasurer
Kaylynn Callister, Secretary
Karen Artz Ash
Edith M. DuPuy
Ruth Ferguson
Joanna A. Grossman
Daniel M. Hubert
Anne E. Lee
Andowah A. Newton, Esq.
Gary Pai
Bette S. Rice
Michael Roos


Board of Managers

Christi C. Baine
Kaila Barker
Jodi M. Conti
Lisa Guida
Thomas Hellegers
Joanne W. Lawson
Grace E. Lee
Anita Mizula
Ashley O'Brien
Margot Romberg
Nancy Tollefson
Gretchen Upholt
Lindsay Wilczynski